Rush Hour

During passing periods, as I walk to my class, all I see are back packs.  I am not tall enough to see where i’m going. To identify where I’m at I look at room numbers, and remember the turn orders.  The worst thing is going up and down all the stairwells. People can only move so fast because of all of the other people trying to move. And that’s just the stairs, you also have to get off the stairs. There is almost no room to even get into the hallway.  You have to get into the hallway the first opening that you see.  

I think of the hallways as rush hour.  You have some people that just can’t move, some people that have to move over so they can go faster and then there are the people that just sit on the side talking.  The main difference is that sometimes people walk in one line with all their friends. They move very slowly and it is very hard to try to get past them.  You are lucky if you can make it to class on time.


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