Not Your Typical Yellow School Bus

I open my transit stop app as I come down to eat breakfast. There is a bus coming In five minutes, eight minutes, and fifteen minutes. I can eat and get out the door to catch the bus in fifteen minutes.  When I get outside it is extreamly cold. You could tell that summer wasn’t going to last much longer.  When the bus arrives there isn’t even enough room for me to stand or sit.  I have to wait for the next one to arrive.  The next bus comes and I get on.  There is no room anywhere in the aisle or in the seat so I stay near the bus driver.  He has the heat on .  It worked out that it was a crowded bus and I could stay warm.

I like the freedom of riding the bus.  I like how easy it is to get to and from school.  I like pulling on the cord to request the stop. I like pulling up right on my street.  I like riding the CTA.


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