They Have It Easy

This Tuesday is Lane Tech’s open house.  The parents have to walk around Lane following my Wednesday schedule.  That means that they have four minutes to get from class to class.  They don’t realize how much I have to walk everyday.

It will be hard for them to find my Language classroom.  I had a really hard time finding it.  You don’t find the classroom unless you look very closely at the room numbers. Lane is separated by an even and an odd side of the school.  If you miss the room numbers then you don’t know where you are in the school.  If you miss it and you keep walking, you will have to turn at some point.  If you make one wrong turn then you are lost.  It is also by a stairway and at a turn so there are a lot of people going all different directions.  Even if you know where the classroom is, you have getting through the hoards of people.  Good luck.

They’ll have it easy though. They don’t have to carry around a heavy backpack,  go to their locker between passing periods and they are tall enough to see where they’re going.  I hope they don’t get demerits for being late.


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