Month: October 2014

Wacky Wednesday

Today some of the high schoolers had to take a test in the mourning. Because they needed quite and spaces to take the test the LTAC kids would have to wait in the lunch room from 8:00 to 10:45. That is a long time to spend just sitting there.  Because there was really no reason for us to be at school during this time the school was able to arrange for school not to start for us until 10:45.  This is amazing!!! I get to sleep in, have time to relax before school starts, and I even got some of my homework finished. But because today was wednesday we still got out at 2:30! That means we only had periods 1,2,3,7, and 8 but they where only 20 minutes long!!! One thing that i’m thinking about right now is if I would prefer school to start and hour later, 9:00, and school to get out at the same time, 3:30, but have a shorter summer.  What do you think? How about 3 day weekends and 4 days of school a week but no summer? I don’t know what I would like more.



Right now in french we are learning about food and money.  We have to learn how to spell everything as well as know what everything means. I was trying to spell croissant. I was having trouble spelling it in french, so I asked my mom for help. She said to just spell it the same way I would spell it in english. Then I replied, How do you spell croissants? Spelling is definataly a hard subject for me.

Bonjour et Trois

I have come a long way in french over the last couple weeks. I started with saying things like “bonjour et trois“, hello and three, to being able to speak in full sentences and order something in a restaurant.  Let me tell you it was not easy. It was constantly writing things down, speaking it a lot, and really studying before a quiz.  Now if I ever go to France people there won’t think i’m a lunatic.


I take a type of karate called Seido karate.  There are hour long classes everyday of the week but Sunday from 4:45 to 5:45 or sometimes 5:45 to 6:45. That means that some days I will get back at around 7:10. Thats when I start homework.  That means I’m up to about 11:00 doing homework. It isn’t easy. I love karate and I think it is a great work out, but I am getting stressed between karate and school. I hope that I will find out a way that I can take karate and still have time to finish my homework.

A 97

I had an  oral exam in french today where we had to count from 0-100 in french in a minute and a half. It is HARD! I got really nervous right before the test. Then when my teacher called my name I walked to the table where we gave the test. (It was inside in front of the whole class, I thought it was going to be outside) I finished the 101 just as the timer went off. All I did was mix up two of the numbers so he took off 3 points, but still… A 97!!!

Current Event

I have to present a current event on friday.  I have the presentation and everything done and good to go.  But… to day in global issues my teacher said “Do you have your presentation and essay done?” Then I responded with “What essay?”.  I have an essay on my current event due tomorrow. Yay.