Mid-Terms and Organization Skills

Sorry that I have not posted in awhile. I have been really busy with midterms. They are harder then they may sound, and they do sound pretty hard.  They are literally on everything that we learned that quarter. Let me tell you I did not do my best on them.  The only kind of good thing about them is the fact that the teachers didn’t give a lot of homework. But that was all replaced by studying. I did pretty good on them… I guess. I did pass my constitution test and score well on french. Although the average score I got was an 83%, I passed and I didn’t fail. I did get a 91% in writing!!!

Today In LTAC academy the LTAC counselor came in and took some of us to help us get more organized. I went down with about 6 or 7 other kids to help us organize. We had to take everything from our backpacks out, I mean EVERYTHING. I actually didn’t have a very messy backpack compared to most of the kids. One kid has an empty locker but has everything in his backpack. Then we had to put everything back in even more organized then it was. Then she wanted to look at our lockers… Mine wasn’t bad actually. She complemented me and said that it was a very fun but organized locker.


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