A Long Week

This week is a long week. It is the only week in November where we have to go to school all five days. NOT FUN. And I also have 4 tests this week. I have my lesson 5 quiz in french on friday. A makeup french verb quiz after school on friday. My lyrical friday assignment on friday, where we have to come up with a song with what we are learning about in class, a mocktrial presentation thing on wednesday, I have to dress fancy and everything, I also have to do a worksheet  every single day in math because we have a sub. Don’t let me forget my biology. We have an egg/membrane experiment that will last couple days.  This is wear we put an egg in vinegar until the shell comes off, then in some type of syrup, then in water. Something is supposed to happen to the egg when the experiment is finished.  Thankfully next week is only a 2 day week, but let me tell you it is a LONG week.


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