Month: December 2014

Two Tests

Tomorrow I have two tests, but tonight my dad wanted to go out with friends. He wanted to stay home just in case me or my sister needed him. I thought that was really nice of him. I have a lot of homework tonight and two tests to study for.  One test is in bio and in is in math. Not a fun thing to study for. I still want to relax tonight, but I don’t know if that is going to happen.

Today in gym we practiced diving. I was actually pretty good considering that I have not dived in a long time. I think that swimming in gym is fun but its just not convenient.


Jr. National Honors society

Today we had swimming again. Its every day! The water was still cold and I still reek of chlorine, but, at least it was kind of fun today. We did laps. I really liked side stroke. I still needed help putting on my swim cap though, I was lucky one of my friends could help me put it on.

Then on my way home I saw a sigh for the Jr. National Honors Society. I thought it would be fun to go. When I got to the class room I realized that it was al 8th graders. I wondered if I should go in because I didn’t know if it was the right place. I went in and it turns out I was in the right place, but I was one of only two seventh graders. Eventually 3 others came.


Today in gym we started swimming. I smelled like chlorine the whole day! I made it into the advanced swimmers group which means that I can swim in the deep end. I had to wear a swim cap, the only good thing about that is the fact that my hair doesn’t get wet. Then in global issues we went to the movie room in the library. It is so cool in there! I did get lost getting their though… I also got lost getting to lunch because it is in gym 2. I had to ask many people for help getting there. The school is redoing the lunch room! So exited! Over all it was a good day.

A Very Chill Day

Today Was a very relaxing day. My dad picked me up from my friends house and we went strait to gymnastics. I was so tired from the night before it was harder to do do all the material. But it was still a lot of fun to do. Then we went to a jewelry store and got some gifts for people I know. After that I cam home and started working on HW. Now we are going to have a movie night with popcorn and just relax. Like I said,  a very chill day.

A Busy Weekend

Sorry that I couldn’t post yesterday, I was at one of my friends sleepover. It was a lot of fun. We went ice skating, and played cards and just had fun. I thought it was really fun to go ice skating. When a little kid fell on the ice, one of my friends helped he and picked her up. It was so nice of her. I was actually a pretty good ice skater. I only fell a few times…

Today I got picked up from her house at about 9:30ish. Then, when I came home I packed for my other sleepover that is tonight. Then I worked on homework. It was a pretty relaxing after noon. Later when my friend comes to get me we will go to a cookie party. This is the first year that kids are invited.After words we are going to have a sleepover. I am really exited. I haven’t seen my friend in a while.

Bus Passes And Ice Skates

So, today i lost my bus pass. I was so upset that I lost it and I had to get a new one.  After school I had to go to the main office and get a new one. It was only three dollars and didn’t cost very much but at least I got a new one. After I got that me and some of my other friends started to decorate a locker for one of my friends birthday. It turned out pretty cool if I do say so myself.  It had candy and a cookie cake inside and I also put up a lot of streamers on the outside. The streamers were the best part.

Today I also went to  go get new ice skates. I am really glad that I got a new pare. I really grew out if my old ones. I got them for a friends birthday party where we are going to go ice skating. Now, I have a pare that will really fit my foot.

bAck to An A

MY GRADE IN BIOLOGY IS BACK TO AN A!!!  I found this today when I got home from school. I was so happy. It made up for having to wait 20 minutes for a bus to come. I am so happy!!!! I got an A because I got a 30 out of 25 on my egg lab project!

History fair is starting soon. In global issues we are starting to go over things that happened in Chicago for ideas. I think I have an  AWESOME idea!

Our sub for Language Arts was 20 minuter late for class. Around 15 minutes after class started some kids went to go tell a teacher that some one wasn’t here. That teacher then told the office and had an assistant principle come to watch us.  Then when the sub finally came he couldn’t find the lesson plan. We spent the rest of the period then talking about verbs and adjectives.  It was an easy period.

Half A Day Off

Today the high schoolers have testing so, school started at 12:37! It was amazing, I got to sleep in and just relax. I finished all my homework the night before so I didn’t have anything to work on in the mourning and I would not have to stress. But closer to 11:30 it started getting a little stressful. My dad couldn’t drive me so I had to get a bus, there were not very many. Miss one and your late. But it was not only the buses… I also didn’t know if we had to be at school before first period or just for first period. I went early just in case, but I got to hang out with my friends.  The rest of my day was amazing. I only had 1st,2nd,3rd,7th, and 8th period, and they were only 30 minutes long. And now we are going to go and get our Christmas tree! So exited!!!

Cheer Time

Today I had Cheerleading after school. I found out that we would probably not be cheering at any games because they will most likely be all away games. This is because the small gym space. This is good and bad. It is bad because we can’t be in any of the games. The good thing is the fact that we have more time to practice for competition. Today I also found out that tomorrow we don’t start school until  almost 12:00! That means we will be in school for about 3 and a half hours. This is so great! I will be able to SLEEP IN!!!!! I can’t wait!

A Day Full Of Gymnastics

Today right as I woke up I had to go to gymnastics.  My grandparents drove me there and they got a little lost at first.  But we still made it there in plenty of time. After gymnastics my dad drove me to my friends house so she could take me to her gym and do gymnastics. It was a lot of working out but a lot of fun. Afterwards we went to lunch and met some of my other friends there. Most of the time we were taking odd pictures of each other for snapchat. It was a lot of fun. I liked hanging out with all my friends. But the only down side to this is the fact that I had to do homework right when I got home. That is not fun. I can’t believe that tomorrow is Monday, the weekend went by so fast. I will miss the weekend tomorrow.