Gym Class And National Geographic

Today during gym, because it was tuesday, we were able to play a game. We played a game like scatter ball and I was one of the last ones standing. When i went for the ball me knee skidded on the wood floor. I didn’t realize it then, but i ripped my knee open and there was a lot of raw skin. When we finished the game and we started our basket ball skills, the person in front of me asked me if my knee was okay. I had no idea what she was talking about so when I looked down I was a little shocked to see that me knee was bleeding. When I told my teacher she told me that I was bleeding and asked for a bandaid she gave me and antibiotic alcohol wipe as well.  When I wiped my knee it stung SO much. It  then hurt tell the end of the day.

Today was a national geographic presentation. It was about these people that wen’t to Antarctica and climbed a really tall mountain. I personally didn’t find it super interesting but it was still cool to learn about. At least I got out of class. This was definitely more fun then going to class.


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