Half A Day Off

Today the high schoolers have testing so, school started at 12:37! It was amazing, I got to sleep in and just relax. I finished all my homework the night before so I didn’t have anything to work on in the mourning and I would not have to stress. But closer to 11:30 it started getting a little stressful. My dad couldn’t drive me so I had to get a bus, there were not very many. Miss one and your late. But it was not only the buses… I also didn’t know if we had to be at school before first period or just for first period. I went early just in case, but I got to hang out with my friends.  The rest of my day was amazing. I only had 1st,2nd,3rd,7th, and 8th period, and they were only 30 minutes long. And now we are going to go and get our Christmas tree! So exited!!!


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