bAck to An A

MY GRADE IN BIOLOGY IS BACK TO AN A!!!  I found this today when I got home from school. I was so happy. It made up for having to wait 20 minutes for a bus to come. I am so happy!!!! I got an A because I got a 30 out of 25 on my egg lab project!

History fair is starting soon. In global issues we are starting to go over things that happened in Chicago for ideas. I think I have an  AWESOME idea!

Our sub for Language Arts was 20 minuter late for class. Around 15 minutes after class started some kids went to go tell a teacher that some one wasn’t here. That teacher then told the office and had an assistant principle come to watch us.  Then when the sub finally came he couldn’t find the lesson plan. We spent the rest of the period then talking about verbs and adjectives.  It was an easy period.


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