A Busy Weekend

Sorry that I couldn’t post yesterday, I was at one of my friends sleepover. It was a lot of fun. We went ice skating, and played cards and just had fun. I thought it was really fun to go ice skating. When a little kid fell on the ice, one of my friends helped he and picked her up. It was so nice of her. I was actually a pretty good ice skater. I only fell a few times…

Today I got picked up from her house at about 9:30ish. Then, when I came home I packed for my other sleepover that is tonight. Then I worked on homework. It was a pretty relaxing after noon. Later when my friend comes to get me we will go to a cookie party. This is the first year that kids are invited.After words we are going to have a sleepover. I am really exited. I haven’t seen my friend in a while.


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