Month: January 2015


Today was my first ever day of finals. They are not as bad as I thought they were going to be. I was really stressed about them this mourning though. Tomorrow I have my two hardest subjects… I hope that they will be okay as well. On the finals today I did have some problems that where hard but they were hard but I managed to get through them. It is actually really nice because all classes are 100 minutes long, Only 3 classes and we have 10 minute passing periods. I got out at 1:20 today, YAY!

After school I had a student council meeting. The dance is only two days from now so we still have a lot to get ready. Then I went to chipotle with my friends and got to hang out for a little bit.

Tomorrow I have 7th Period, then advisory to study, then bio. During advisory I have to take yearbook pictures. One is for cheer and the other is for National Junior Honors Society. I found out that I made it into NJHS yesterday!

Hope I do well on the rest of my finals!


It’s Been A While

Sorry that I have not posted in a while. Its just been very busy. Finals are next week and I am very nervous. That is the one thing that I don’t really like about lans, the finals. But what I like though is that when I am a freshman I will already know what finals are like and high school will not be as hard for me. I am really liking lane though. I wonder how hard finals will be. Will they be really hard? Or… am I just stressing my self out way too much. I really just can’t wait for them to be over. I really do not like finals. They are not FUN!  I wonder If I will think that finals are as hard next year or if I think that they will be even harder.

I can’t believe that it is already half way through the school year. I seems like I have been at lane for only a month. Defiantly not almost 5 months!

There were 2 snow days this year because it was so cold. But because we didn’t have the days then we will have to make them up an another day. So this friday we were supposed to be off of school but we have to have school! I t is not fun. But the good thing about this is the fact that we wont havve anything to do because it is the day after finals. We also have school On are suppost to be first day of summer. That means that my birthday will be the first day of summer! That is unless there is another snow day.  Well, now I have to go and study for math…

First day Back

Today was the first day back to school after break. It was a really long fun break, it was hard to wake up so early for school. But today was so far a really relaxing day. I did not get a lot of homework and in all the classes we did not do very much. It also turn out that we didn’t have to do swimming today! That really made my day!  That we didn’t have to swim when it was literally 0 degrees out side. SO COLD! Then after school i had cheer. It was a lot of fun today, we got to do our first pyramid and I was the flyer.   Today was actually not a terrible first day back to school after break.