Today was my first ever day of finals. They are not as bad as I thought they were going to be. I was really stressed about them this mourning though. Tomorrow I have my two hardest subjects… I hope that they will be okay as well. On the finals today I did have some problems that where hard but they were hard but I managed to get through them. It is actually really nice because all classes are 100 minutes long, Only 3 classes and we have 10 minute passing periods. I got out at 1:20 today, YAY!

After school I had a student council meeting. The dance is only two days from now so we still have a lot to get ready. Then I went to chipotle with my friends and got to hang out for a little bit.

Tomorrow I have 7th Period, then advisory to study, then bio. During advisory I have to take yearbook pictures. One is for cheer and the other is for National Junior Honors Society. I found out that I made it into NJHS yesterday!

Hope I do well on the rest of my finals!


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