Month: February 2015

Cheer Competition

On friday was my cheer competition. It was a of of fun. I feel like me and the people in my team really became better friends after the competition. But, when we walked into the room you could feel how intense everybody was. Like you felt perfectly fine when you where just out of the room but once you got into the room that was a completely different story. I think that we did pretty well. The thing that I was most nervous was the flying part. But the good thing was that I didn’t fall and that we actually completed it. 

This morning when I woke up I didn’t feel so good.  I think that a cold is going around. But, I didn’t want to miss a test that I had in french so I stayed. Lane is really a lot of work. Its like you cant come to this school and just not try and sill do fine. You actually have to work for it. But you really feel good once you complete it though. If I went home early today, I would have misses a french quiz, and notes in bio and math. If I went home early I would have had to do so much work to make up for it, its like if I feel fine and I can work at school it is better to continue.


A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Lets just say that yesterday was not a very good day. During first period I got a bloody nose and had to miss part of class. Then I had a headache. I ended up tasting blood all day. NOT FUN!  But after school I had cheer practice. Cheer was a lot of fun. Because competition is on friday we practiced a lot on our stunting. I am the flyer and I really like being healed up in the air. But I do have to admit that I am nervous for the competition and flying then. My bases are holding me at their chin level! Then when I got home I had homework. Homework is never fun. But I guess I wasn’t a terrible day.

Today In second period I heard people say that there was a pop quiz in biology today. I don’t like any quiz at all. I spent all of my third period academy where we do homework studying for the quiz. Then, I find out that the teacher told people to lie about having a quiz because she doesn’t like when we go to class and know what we are going to do that day. Now, because I spent that time studying for a fake quiz I have A TON of home work tonight. NOT FUN! But other then that it was a pretty good day. I’m exited for the cheer competition on friday, It’s getting so close!!!

A good Workout

The main level for the LTAC students is on the 4th floor. That is a lot of stairs to go up with a heavy back pack. Every 5 school days out of a week I walk up 3,538 stairs! That is a lot of stairs. All I can think is how when I graduate Lane in 6 years how strong I will be. That means that in one school year I will walk up 126,034 stairs.  That is a lot of stairs!

Custom T-Shirts

Nothing much has been going on lately… It is really just the normal going to high school as a seventh grader. In gym we are playing badminton. I really like liking it. I am not bad at it and it is fun hitting the birdie back and fourth for a long time.

For valentines day they are selling custom made t-shirts. I think that it is a really cool idea. I like how you get to custom make the t-shirts and get them delivered to the person you want to receive a t-shirt. I am getting one for my sister, she really wants on of the t-shirts and I am having her fill out the form this weekend. The only thing is that she keeps on changing what she wants on the t-shirt.