A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Lets just say that yesterday was not a very good day. During first period I got a bloody nose and had to miss part of class. Then I had a headache. I ended up tasting blood all day. NOT FUN!  But after school I had cheer practice. Cheer was a lot of fun. Because competition is on friday we practiced a lot on our stunting. I am the flyer and I really like being healed up in the air. But I do have to admit that I am nervous for the competition and flying then. My bases are holding me at their chin level! Then when I got home I had homework. Homework is never fun. But I guess I wasn’t a terrible day.

Today In second period I heard people say that there was a pop quiz in biology today. I don’t like any quiz at all. I spent all of my third period academy where we do homework studying for the quiz. Then, I find out that the teacher told people to lie about having a quiz because she doesn’t like when we go to class and know what we are going to do that day. Now, because I spent that time studying for a fake quiz I have A TON of home work tonight. NOT FUN! But other then that it was a pretty good day. I’m exited for the cheer competition on friday, It’s getting so close!!!


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