Month: March 2015

Busy As A Bee

HISTORY FAIR IS FINISHED!!! History fair is over! I am happy that all the stress is over with. But, I liked learning about my topic and the whole history fair experience. This is going to be my only year doing it. I kind of wish that we where doing this next year though. On my project this year, I did a documentary. I did really well on it! I got a 95%! That means that I got a 95% on my global issues midterm as well! I am really happy that History fair is the midterm because it is a lot less to worry about.  This week is the final stretch of being busy. Just one week of midterms and then off to California to surf, and be on a beach, and be off of school! I have been looking forward to this for a while!


PARCC Testing

Next week we are doing PARCC testing in school. I am going to opt-out of taking them because they don’t count for anything this year, they are just a test of a test. That is the nice thing about this year, the grades don’t really matter if you are going to stay here for high school. You can just relax your seventh grade year and not stress about getting into high school. I am also opting out of PARCC because i need to work on history fair and study for the mid-terms which are the week after PARCC testing.

MId-Terms And Finals

Sound like the most scary thing in the entire school year. I mean when you just hear the word finals you get nervous. But the thing about them is that they count for just as much as a regular test, they just cover more things. They may sound like they are worth a lot but in my grades they are as much as a regular test. But… I still have to study a lot for them.