Candy In Biology

Today in biology we did a fossil digging lab. This is where there where different layers of rock, chocolate pebbles and fruity pebbles, and we had to find all the fossils, chocolate chips, peanut M+M’s and M+M’s, per layer. Then we had to determine the age of the fossils with lucritiom, licorice, and its bubble gumium half lives. The bubble gumium always makes me laugh. It was a really fun lab. And the best part was… WE GOT TO EAT THE CANDY!!!

In Gym, the high schoolers have to use our gym to take a test, so we have to do SWIMMING. I really don’t want to do swimming now. We already did swimming and now we have to do it again. Why???? Now, I will smell like chlorine for the rest of the week! 😦


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