Lunch Time!

Lunch has been really fun lately! We play that game where you take almonds and you through them into other people’s mouths. I think that its really fun. We would have competitions to see who would be able to catch the most into their mouth. Me and my friend aren’t as good as it as some of the people at our lunch table but it is still super fun during the competitions. We have also started this thing where we take spoons and shoot  almonds at each other. That is fun until u get hit. But, then you just go back and get that person back. 😉

Lunch is most of the time the highlight of my day. It is a time in the middle of the day where I can just hang out with my friends and relax. I can also get some homework done that I maybe forgot to Finnish the night before.  The only down side to all of that is that it is 6th period lunch and we end up eating around one o’clock.



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