Just A Few More Projects

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. I had one of my busiest weeks ever! I had so many projects due tomorrow and so many more due this week. In Friday I had a paper rough draft due, an OP-ED (an paper on a problem in the world), and so many other tests on those days. Next week I have a speech hat I need to write and memorize for extra credit, a debate. a paper, and a website all due! And that is excluding all of the tests that I will have. Sooo busy!

My biggest test of the entire year is coming up, THE ALGEBRA EXIT EXAM. If I do poorly on this test I will have to re-take algebra. That is so much hard work that I have done this year, having to be re-done, just because I did bad on one test. I am so nervous!!!

On Thursdays I am also taking a wheel pottery class. It is a nice brake from all of my homework and there is absolutely no stress. I am actually really good at it. I am working on making cups and this week I want to make a cool plate!!

I am in the Home stretch and I don’t want to stop trying now. I can’t wait for the summer when I can actually relax and not be stressing about school the whole time. But just 19 more days!


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