Oral Exams

9 days left

Today I had an Oral exam in french. I really do hate oral exams. I even know how to say that in french. Je Deteste Examen Oral. the one that I had today, I definitely didn’t do well on at all. I didn’t even finish it. Well nothing I can do now.

My mock trial in Global Issues is coming up and i’m pretty exited. I think that I have a really good group and i have a really good topic.  I’m defending a police officer, one of my friends, who got cut by a teenager with a pocket knife that resisted arrest. (All Fake).

I actually didn’t have as much homework as I thought I was going to have. I really just have some projects. I really just wanted to hang out with my sister. Sometimes you just need a break day. A day of almost no homework.  🙂


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