The Last Day of Notes

8 days left

Today was the last day of notes in math and the last day of doing homework in the workbook. Yesterday was also the last day of taking notes in biology. Everything is staring to wind down. But, the question is if that is a good thing or not. It also means Finals and the fact that there isn’t much time to get grades up higher then their already is.

Today at lunch we had a small food fight with the other guy’s table. We were shooting almonds at them with spoons. Then when they started throw grapes back we started to throw other things besides almonds. I think that it was a lot of fun. One of my friends through a whole orange at them. Unfortunately it hit the table before them. The orange exploded all over the table. Then we had to go and pick it up.

Today was a good day but, now I have a lot of homework. I might go to karate today. That will be a nice break. But, I have some big projects due sometime this week so I might not be able to go. I REALLY can’t wait for Summer. 8th graders had their last day today.


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