Mock Trial

5 days left

Today was the day of the mock trial. We did really well. I am very proud of my team! We didn’t prove that the one kid did offend an officer but we proved that they broke district and NATIONAL law. Because of this they would be in jail for over 5 years if they actually exist. But we did really well.

Today at lunch one of my friends left her baby cactus in the gym, so we had to go and get it. When we were in there we found some other kids in our class there and we played basket ball with them. It was 2 on 4. We still lost event though we had the 2 extra players. But to be fair 2 of us weren’t very good at basket ball and one of us couldn’t play because her dress was too short. But it was still really fun.

I am so happy it’s friday. But, this week actually seemed like a pretty short week. this weekend though I have a lot of homework. There is a lot of review for the finals and then the studying that I will also have to do. And today I have a friend coming so I can’t do my homework then. I also have a family birthday party tomorrow and that will take up the whole day. I will have a VERY busy Sunday.


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