UN Council

6 days left

In language arts we have this project where we have to present a solution to a problem that is in our world. Then we have to show this to the UN council and see if they would fund our solution. My groups project was about the ethnic cleansing that is gong on right now in Burma. The other kids that were the UN council and judged our project said that they would fund out project. Then, today, me and my group got to be the UN council. We all voted yes for the group. But, I was on the edge of a no. They weren’t very clear about what their solution was and details of their project. That made it very confusing.  Then when we didn’t get what they were saying and tried to ask they would be like, “I don’t think you get what we are saying at all”. But, over all I thought that this was a very fun project that we did.

Today I found 5 dollars on the stairs when I was walking down to lunch. Score!!!

After school today I helped with the 8th grade graduation. I collected tickets. After standing up for an hour with no sitting own, my feet started to hurt. But, I got to hang out with my friends and I had a fun time. CONGRATULATIONS  TO ALL OF THE 8th GRADE GRADUATES!!!


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