Month: September 2015

So Many Tests

We have so many tests this week. Today I had a test in world studies on the map of Europe and a ton of other stuff that we learned in class. I actually think that I did pretty well on the test, I was only questioned two.  Then tomorrow I have a geometry test. I am really nervous about that. I also have a french test that day. Not fun. Then on Wednesday I have a chemistry chapter 3 test.  It can get very stress full I spend so much time studying. I think that geometry is the hardest. I am more of an algebra person. Algebra just clicks while geometry is so confusing in comparison. The next hardest is french. I’m not very good at memorizing. But, I’m just hoping that it will click soon. Well, wish me luck!


The Most Dreaded Day of the Year

Today is the first day of school. Many find it the most dreaded day of he year, but for me, it’s not that bad. I met my new teachers and I got to see all my friends. My schedule is kind of weird. First I have gm. I wish that I didn’t have gym first because it’s a pain to change so much. Then I have French 2. Thankfully they both are on the 3rd floor. I think my french teacher will be fun. But, i’m not  sure yet. I have chemistry next on the 1st floor. I think that Chemistry will be a lot of fun. I am exited for it. Then I have lunch on the same floor. I eat lunch everyday at 11 o’clock. It is so early. I might as well not eat breakfast. Then I have geometry on the 4th floor. After that I have LTAC academy on the 2nd floor. Then I go back to the 4th floor for english. I think I will really like her. Then I go right back down to the 2nd floor for world studies. I dont think I will like her as a techer. But, I don’t know yet. So over all a pretty good, VERY hot day.