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I am a seventh grander at Lane Tech and i'm writing all about my experience there.

So Many Tests

We have so many tests this week. Today I had a test in world studies on the map of Europe and a ton of other stuff that we learned in class. I actually think that I did pretty well on the test, I was only questioned two.  Then tomorrow I have a geometry test. I am really nervous about that. I also have a french test that day. Not fun. Then on Wednesday I have a chemistry chapter 3 test.  It can get very stress full I spend so much time studying. I think that geometry is the hardest. I am more of an algebra person. Algebra just clicks while geometry is so confusing in comparison. The next hardest is french. I’m not very good at memorizing. But, I’m just hoping that it will click soon. Well, wish me luck!


The Most Dreaded Day of the Year

Today is the first day of school. Many find it the most dreaded day of he year, but for me, it’s not that bad. I met my new teachers and I got to see all my friends. My schedule is kind of weird. First I have gm. I wish that I didn’t have gym first because it’s a pain to change so much. Then I have French 2. Thankfully they both are on the 3rd floor. I think my french teacher will be fun. But, i’m not  sure yet. I have chemistry next on the 1st floor. I think that Chemistry will be a lot of fun. I am exited for it. Then I have lunch on the same floor. I eat lunch everyday at 11 o’clock. It is so early. I might as well not eat breakfast. Then I have geometry on the 4th floor. After that I have LTAC academy on the 2nd floor. Then I go back to the 4th floor for english. I think I will really like her. Then I go right back down to the 2nd floor for world studies. I dont think I will like her as a techer. But, I don’t know yet. So over all a pretty good, VERY hot day.

I Am SO Tired

3 days left

Yesterday I couldn’t post because I went to the Imagine Dragons Concert with some of my friends. This was my birthday party. I had A TON of fun. The only problem with this is that I have to actually get up the next morning. That is very hard when you stay up really late on a school night. It was totally worth it though because it was AWESOME!!! And I totally lucked out because I had no finals today. I had gym and global issues, one a paper and one a project. Both already finished.

We had a 2 hour advisory period today. I was so tired that I fell asleep. I got  12 minutes of deep sleep and 50 minuted of rest. I woke up a few times because of all of my friends being so loud. One started to draw on my face… Thankfully I woke up before she could finish. The my friends took my phone and they started to text some people from it. It was all good though.

My lunch was the last period of the day so we all went out for pizza. It was so much fun. I am going to miss the lunch squad when the year is over.


Mock Trial

5 days left

Today was the day of the mock trial. We did really well. I am very proud of my team! We didn’t prove that the one kid did offend an officer but we proved that they broke district and NATIONAL law. Because of this they would be in jail for over 5 years if they actually exist. But we did really well.

Today at lunch one of my friends left her baby cactus in the gym, so we had to go and get it. When we were in there we found some other kids in our class there and we played basket ball with them. It was 2 on 4. We still lost event though we had the 2 extra players. But to be fair 2 of us weren’t very good at basket ball and one of us couldn’t play because her dress was too short. But it was still really fun.

I am so happy it’s friday. But, this week actually seemed like a pretty short week. this weekend though I have a lot of homework. There is a lot of review for the finals and then the studying that I will also have to do. And today I have a friend coming so I can’t do my homework then. I also have a family birthday party tomorrow and that will take up the whole day. I will have a VERY busy Sunday.

UN Council

6 days left

In language arts we have this project where we have to present a solution to a problem that is in our world. Then we have to show this to the UN council and see if they would fund our solution. My groups project was about the ethnic cleansing that is gong on right now in Burma. The other kids that were the UN council and judged our project said that they would fund out project. Then, today, me and my group got to be the UN council. We all voted yes for the group. But, I was on the edge of a no. They weren’t very clear about what their solution was and details of their project. That made it very confusing.  Then when we didn’t get what they were saying and tried to ask they would be like, “I don’t think you get what we are saying at all”. But, over all I thought that this was a very fun project that we did.

Today I found 5 dollars on the stairs when I was walking down to lunch. Score!!!

After school today I helped with the 8th grade graduation. I collected tickets. After standing up for an hour with no sitting own, my feet started to hurt. But, I got to hang out with my friends and I had a fun time. CONGRATULATIONS  TO ALL OF THE 8th GRADE GRADUATES!!!

The Last Day of Notes

8 days left

Today was the last day of notes in math and the last day of doing homework in the workbook. Yesterday was also the last day of taking notes in biology. Everything is staring to wind down. But, the question is if that is a good thing or not. It also means Finals and the fact that there isn’t much time to get grades up higher then their already is.

Today at lunch we had a small food fight with the other guy’s table. We were shooting almonds at them with spoons. Then when they started throw grapes back we started to throw other things besides almonds. I think that it was a lot of fun. One of my friends through a whole orange at them. Unfortunately it hit the table before them. The orange exploded all over the table. Then we had to go and pick it up.

Today was a good day but, now I have a lot of homework. I might go to karate today. That will be a nice break. But, I have some big projects due sometime this week so I might not be able to go. I REALLY can’t wait for Summer. 8th graders had their last day today.

Oral Exams

9 days left

Today I had an Oral exam in french. I really do hate oral exams. I even know how to say that in french. Je Deteste Examen Oral. the one that I had today, I definitely didn’t do well on at all. I didn’t even finish it. Well nothing I can do now.

My mock trial in Global Issues is coming up and i’m pretty exited. I think that I have a really good group and i have a really good topic.  I’m defending a police officer, one of my friends, who got cut by a teenager with a pocket knife that resisted arrest. (All Fake).

I actually didn’t have as much homework as I thought I was going to have. I really just have some projects. I really just wanted to hang out with my sister. Sometimes you just need a break day. A day of almost no homework.  🙂

The Countdown

Still 10 days of school left

I was sent this really awesome site by my friend that shows exactly how much time there is until summer starts! I should have known about this years ago! The site is:

Will I be able to make it that long. It seems like it is so close yet, so far away. Why can’t summer just be here already?

I will be sad to be out of seventh grade. I will have a different lunch squad, different classes, different people in classes. It will be so different.

But still… SUMMER!!!

Wish Me Luck

10 days left

It’s so close to summer. I Can’t believe how close it it.

Today we had the mile run in gym today. I had to stop after the second lap of 4 because I had a really bad head ache. I think that it was from the migraine that I had earlier.  But, i had a really good time, only 4 minutes and something seconds.

I had to re-take a verb quiz today and I was able to fully complete it. I am really glad that I was able to complete that. It is an all or nothing test. Only have one more this year! It’s on monday.

Unfortunately I have a lot of home work this week. NOT FUN!! I especially have a lot of biology. I have like 70 review problems for the final. Wish me luck!

Sports Banquet

11 days left

Today was the day of the sports banquet. That is when all of the LTAC sports teams come and they are given certificates for being on the team. We also got to have deserts! I was awarded a certificate for being on the cheer leading team. It lasted for about 45 minutes. Before that I had pottery. I was trimming all my pots and adding handles to my mugs. I really like pottery class. It is a nice break from school and homework. I was just lucky that I didn’t have that much homework or else I would be up all night.