A Day Off

Today I had to stay home from school. This is because I had a migraine.  I actually got one at school yesterday. Anyways, I have to miss school. Tomorrow is going to be very busy because of all of the work that I have to make up. NOT FUN. But, I was really nice to get the day off. I made cookies, took naps, painted, drew, and even got to pick up my sister from school. I took a cookie with me and we had them on our way back. The last time I picked her up I brought her a mocha frappuccino from Star bucks. Am I the AWESOMEST sister or what?

It was nice to have a day off of school. I was like a mental health day.


Hit In The Face

15 more days.

Today in gym class we were playing a new game that was like tag but, with throwing a ball. Then this one kid through the dodge ball right at my face. It hit me right in the face. it hurt a lot. I feel like every sport that we play in gym I end up getting hurt in some way.

It is finally getting warm outside. I love the warm weather. It is nice not to have to carry a coat in my locker. I have so much more room now. Its nice! LOVE SUMMER!!!

The Day Of The Test

16 more days.

Today I took the exit exam. I think that I did ok on it. I’m really just glad that it’s over. Its like someone took a giant weight off my shoulders.

I had a pottery class today. I am taking wheel spinning! I think that I’s a lot of fun, I really like it. It’s like there is no stress from school, or anything else going on. I made a really cool plate today that is a smaller plate with a double rim on the outside of it. But, then I took parts of the rim and pushed them in so that the plate looked like a flower with pedals. I really like how it turned out today, and I can’t wait to see how it will turn out when it is fully finished.

Algebra Exit Exam

17 more days.

But the algebra exit exam is tomorrow. I am really stressed out. I really hope that I do well on it. I really, really hope that I do well on this.

I also had the part 2 of my debate today I actually didn’t know that we had a part 2 today. But, I didn’t thank that it went bad at all because of that. We debated that we should not have school uniforms. I think that what we debated for I definitely do believe.

Only 17 more days!!  I am soooo close. Then summer… I really can’t wait for summer.

18 More Days

Not very many more days of school! Its almost over. But, it makes me sad that so soon I will no longer be a seventh grader. I will no longer be a sevie. But, I am Sooo exited that school is almost over. Every thing is so stressful. I am the type of person that will get stressed over smaller things like a project and small things like that. But, I’m SUPER stressed about this exit exam that is  coming up. Its on Thursday and it is the most important test that I’ve had to take this year. If I don’t do well on this test then I will have to retake algebra next year. That means that all my hard work would have been for nothing. I will just have to re-due it. I really don’t want that to happen. I really can’t wait for it all to be over with. Summer is so close. Why can’t it jus be here already?

I had a debate today, it was about school uniforms. I don’t know if we won or lost but it was a really good debate. Both sides had a very strong argument. Well, all I can do is wait and see. This is one of the smaller things that I will stress about. But, either way, win or loose, I will still have an A in the class.

Just A Few More Projects

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot. I had one of my busiest weeks ever! I had so many projects due tomorrow and so many more due this week. In Friday I had a paper rough draft due, an OP-ED (an paper on a problem in the world), and so many other tests on those days. Next week I have a speech hat I need to write and memorize for extra credit, a debate. a paper, and a website all due! And that is excluding all of the tests that I will have. Sooo busy!

My biggest test of the entire year is coming up, THE ALGEBRA EXIT EXAM. If I do poorly on this test I will have to re-take algebra. That is so much hard work that I have done this year, having to be re-done, just because I did bad on one test. I am so nervous!!!

On Thursdays I am also taking a wheel pottery class. It is a nice brake from all of my homework and there is absolutely no stress. I am actually really good at it. I am working on making cups and this week I want to make a cool plate!!

I am in the Home stretch and I don’t want to stop trying now. I can’t wait for the summer when I can actually relax and not be stressing about school the whole time. But just 19 more days!

So Much Work

With 24 more days of school I am trying to do a post a day. I only have 24 more days of being a seventh grader. So far almost all of the teachers have started so many projects. In language arts we started speeches,  in algebra we have the algebra exit exam, in global issues we have our debates going on, french is always busy, and in Bio we just started an invasive species project. It is so much work! I can’t wait for summer. I really, really can’t wait for summer.

Time To Bowl

In gym right now we are doing bowling. It is AWESOME!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ All we do is bowl, it just like free time. Later we will have to take our score manually but it will still be really fun. I think that this is my favorite gym unit. My first game on monday I did pretty well. Especially the fact that I hadn’t bowed for like a year. The next game on Wednesday I did horrible. Probably worst score I ever got bowling. But today I ended up doing really well.  Better then the last two times anyways.   Bowling is a lot of fun! 🙂

Lunch Time!

Lunch has been really fun lately! We play that game where you take almonds and you through them into other people’s mouths. I think that its really fun. We would have competitions to see who would be able to catch the most into their mouth. Me and my friend aren’t as good as it as some of the people at our lunch table but it is still super fun during the competitions. We have also started this thing where we take spoons and shoot  almonds at each other. That is fun until u get hit. But, then you just go back and get that person back. 😉

Lunch is most of the time the highlight of my day. It is a time in the middle of the day where I can just hang out with my friends and relax. I can also get some homework done that I maybe forgot to Finnish the night before.  The only down side to all of that is that it is 6th period lunch and we end up eating around one o’clock.

Candy In Biology

Today in biology we did a fossil digging lab. This is where there where different layers of rock, chocolate pebbles and fruity pebbles, and we had to find all the fossils, chocolate chips, peanut M+M’s and M+M’s, per layer. Then we had to determine the age of the fossils with lucritiom, licorice, and its bubble gumium half lives. The bubble gumium always makes me laugh. It was a really fun lab. And the best part was… WE GOT TO EAT THE CANDY!!!

In Gym, the high schoolers have to use our gym to take a test, so we have to do SWIMMING. I really don’t want to do swimming now. We already did swimming and now we have to do it again. Why???? Now, I will smell like chlorine for the rest of the week! 😦